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 From the Patron - Red Cross Club Kiambere School Complex






The Red cross club play a very crucial role in the Kiambere school complex community. The main functions of the club include the following


  • Extending all possible First - Aid in any accident.
  • Participate in Environment cleaning
  • To give knowledge about hygiene
  • To give knowledge rescue skills and disease prevention
  • Participate in the work of blood transfusion
  • Donation the needy
  • Educate students in accident prevention.
  • HIV/AIDS education

The Red cross club has been very crucial in providing first aid in school, with the school policy of movement by running, minor accidents are common in school due to the rugged landscape of the school, whenever a students gets injured all eyes are on red cross club and the next thing to see is a red cross member running with the First aid box ready to administer the first aid

 In Games Activities the club is not left behind as each time a team is going out the club gives two members to assist in giving first aid.

The gesture of the club is been felt in the community, in giving assistance to the disadvantaged groups like the children homes

The club is ready to offer much to the school


The club Patron



red cross team bulding
The red cross club members conducting a Team bulding exercise in Embu red cross Office.


 kiambere school complex red cross

        Club officials with the patron Mr. Muindi 


 Red cross club members - kiambere school complex

            Red cross Members with their Patron Mr. Muindi 


The principle during ngiori visit 

    The Principal gives a donation during the Red cross Ngiori Intergrated school visit 

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29th January, 2016- form 3 clinic

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Students Council


  Daniel Gakuha and Ruth Ngari during the prize giving day 2015 with primary

Students Council leaders.


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