The following are members of our department.

Mr. Runji J.N -English/ Lit
Ms. Magochi J -Kisw/Geo
Mr. Njuki P.N -Kisw/Geo
Mr. Chomba P -Kisw/Music
Ms. Gathingira C -English/ Lit
Ms. Gaita E -English/ Lit
Ms. Kiria L   -English/ Lit
Ms. Kiura G -Kisw/Geo

We re charged with the responsibility of formulating and implementing policy documents on language matters in our school.

Hitherto, the position of language usage in our school is commendable: with all teachers championing for proper language use by all as per policy.

As a department we remain committed to scaling language use in our school to higher echelons.


Thank you.





Welcome to Kiambere School Complex

A public School with both Primary and Secondary Section.


Vision:   To be a regional center of …

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Students Council


  Daniel Gakuha and Ruth Ngari during the prize giving day 2015 with primary

Students Council leaders.


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