Technicals and Applied Sciences


 From the HOD Humanities

Welcome to the youngest Department in Kiambere school complex, The Department is composed of disciplines that students can apply in real world for survival even without further post-secondary training. The subjects include Agriculture, Music and Business Studies.

 The department has a team of four teachers who include;

            Mr. Muindi B           -Business Studies

            Mr. Chomba P         -Music

            Mr. Muniu G            -Agriculture

            Ms. Nyaga J              -Agriculture

The Technical and applied Department in Kiambere School Complex is numerically advantaged by having few number of students Sometimes as low as three in Music, This Makes the Subject teachers understand the students well as assist them in their areas of weakens.

The smaller number of students makes the subject teachers test the students more often. Our policy is an average of two tests per week

The performance has been good over years with Business studies attaining a mean score beyond the 8.00 mark. Almost all the subjects are able to attain a mean score above the target school mean score.

We thank our Almighty for our success

Mr. Muindi



Welcome to Kiambere School Complex

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Students Council


  Daniel Gakuha and Ruth Ngari during the prize giving day 2015 with primary

Students Council leaders.


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