Mr. Njeru C the HOD humanities, kiambere school complex  From The HOD Desk


This Department comprises of History and Government, Geography and Christian Religious Education.



1.  Mr. Njeru C.K.     CRE (H.O.D)  

2.  Mr. Njuki P. N.     Geography

3.  Mr. Gathandi       History and Government       

4.  Miss Kiura.          Geography

5.  Mr. Muindi B. M.   Geography




The Subject Heads include:      

Mr. Gathandi                       -           History and Government

Mr. Njeru C. K.                    -           Christian Religious Education

Madam Gladys K.                 -           Geography


A close analysis of the results between 1992 and 2013 reveal a varying performance in the three subjects. In addition, it is clear that there is stiff competition especially between History and Government and Christian Religious Education.  For instance:

In 1992, 23 students sat for KCSE and attained the following:-

1.      Geography attained                         M/G  6.65     C  plain

2.     History & Government                       M/G  6.13     C  “

3.     CRE                                               M/G 5.74      C”          

(Note:  In this year the School Mean Score was 5.52 – a Mean Grade of C.   It is worth noting that the best performance in the School was realised in 1993 when 34 students had a Mean Score of 6.588 – thus a Mean grade of C+ (Plus)

In that  year, Geography students had a Mean score of 6.500 while Christian Religious Education had 7.00.  Nobody sat for History in that year.

Between 2000 and 2003, performance in Geography was down.  This was due to the following factors:-

- Students lacked exposure in map-reading and field work due  to personal difference between one member  of the department and the administration

- In addition the department faced serious challenges due to lack of text books and revision materials.

- However, it is worth noting that the best results in Humanities were realised in 2013.

In that year, departmental Mean score 8.094233 – thus a Mean Grade of B- (Minus).

The department admits that there is room for improvement and positive change.  However, we shall succeed if we try to minimize or overcome the following challenges:-

- The members require more

- Though expensive, academic or educational tours are necessary.  These would expose our students to various academic challenges in the department.

- The department admits that we have not succeeded in inculcating a reading culture in our students.  To solve this problem, the department requires more reference books and a room which would act as a library.

Members in the department should also:

·  Make the students appreciate their School and develop confidence in their teachers.

·  Work as a team in maintenance of discipline among students.  This will discourage laziness.

·  Complete the syllabus by June to give the students more time for revision.

·  Guide and counsel the students on proper and effective study methods.

·   Maintain and update official records.

Finally, we can not end this report without thanking the administration for making text books and revision materials available to our students.







 Students during a rift valley geographical fiedwork 



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